Our commitment to our community and global challenges

International Community Development Ludoki

With over 40 years of combined experience in business management and accountancy, the Business Lighthouse team have a strong track record in delivering successful business solutions for our clients. But we don’t leave it there. We share it forward.

Our Core Values

We believe that everyone can help someone, somewhere.

We set aside a percentage of our profits to fund projects in:

  • International and community development.
  • Microbusiness & Microfinance.
  • Health & Education (especially Maternal & Child Health).
  • Emergency Relief.

Helping YOUR business wear its HEART on its sleeve

We know many of our clients want to make difference where it is most needed and most effective. One of your core values may be to tangibly connect with on-the-ground community and charity projects.

We would love to apply our know-how and experience in philanthropic and not-for-profit partnerships to help you realise this goal and incorporate it within your business model.

International Community Development Ludoki

Microbusiness and Microfinance

International Community Development Ludoki

At Business Lighthouse we are passionate about helping the vulnerable and marginalised, as well as helping your business build a sustainable future. At Business Lighthouse we commit half our giving to the support of microbusiness & microfinance projects.

Our experience in overseas aid and development has demonstrated that the most effective way to combat poverty is to help individuals build a sustainable future, and they in turn help build a sustainable community.

Health and Education & Emergency Relief

At Business Lighthouse we commit a substantial portion of our overseas aid to supporting health & education and Emergency relief projects in areas experiencing poverty.

Our partner organisations

  • Bright Futures Ltd Fund
  • World Relief Ltd

Both organisations have a strong community presence and a great reputation in the philanthropic community. They both focus on addressing disease and poverty through developing and supporting sustainable projects that directly impact and improve people’s livelihood.

We support the Bright Futures Overseas Aid which operates many projects, including emergency relief and maternal child health support for South Sudanese refugees fleeing brutal civil war.

Business Lighthouse has proudly donated

International Community Development Ludoki

It’s all about people taking control
in business and their personal lives.

International Community Development Ludoki

We know you want to help where your money is most effective. We offer guidance for you to partner with reputable charities and connect your core values with successful philanthropic community projects.

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You may discover that our microBoard services works towards this whole of business approach for you as well.